Top 10 Reasons Why The Sandy Hook Shooting Is Suspicious

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As the main stream media tries to polish it's official story turd, many free thinkers are left with unanswered questions that may never be answered. We here at InfoSalvo have compiled a list of 10 things that just aren't adding up for us and we would like to get your opinion on them.  

  1. Reports of multiple shooters from witnesses 
  2. Victoria Soto’s RIP Facebook Page created 4 days before shooting, has recently been taken down.
  3. Sandy Hook Principle Gives Interview After Being Reported Dead
  4. Sandy Hook Father Robby Parker Appears to Be Acting For The Cameras
  5. Congress and President Obama immediately move to Restrict guns after shooting
  6. Facebook is Deleting accounts that don’t jive with the official story.
  7. Ryan Lanza’s ID found in Adam Lanza’s pocket
  8. Sandy Hook Children Practicing Evacuation Drills Before Shooting
  9. Adam Lanza’s Hard Drive was Destroyed
  10. Why was he wearing body armour if he planned to commit suicide.
  11. How did Lanza Manage to Carry 90 magazines?
  12. Why did they change the name from “South Hinkley” to “Sandy Hook,” in the Batman Movie?
  13. How can Robby Parker be Smiling and Taking Pictures after His Daughter Was Gunned Down?
  14. Connecticut Police Spokesman Threatens to Arrest Independant Journalists and Whistleblowers
  15. No Footage of the Shooting Has Been Released
  16. The Medical Examiner Says All Fatalities were Killed With Rifle, But Lanza was found dead in the school and the rifle (or from the looks of it a shotgun) was found in the car.....
  17. Why is Emily Parker's Sister dressed exactly like her dead sister in the memorial service?
  18. How was Emily Parker's donation website designed and developed and rolled out so quickly after the shooting (3 days)
  19. Why is Adam Lanza's alleged vehicle registered to a Christopher Rodia?
  20. Why was investigation worker put on leave for showing Lanza's body to her husband?
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