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Each and every family deserves a good place to recede. A roof over the head being one essential thing to ensure safety and health of the family. It protects against cold, rain, storms, snow, harsh sun and any bad weather you may think of. All the more reason the roof should also be taken care of too.

roof-shingle-replacement-houstonWhat damages roofs

  • Could be damaged by storms, they may tear away the loose shingles or loosen them if not well fixed.
  • At times a tree may fall on the roof and these causes significant damage to the roof.
  • Some wear out with time and are no longer a safety guarantee hence must be replaced.
  • Leakages also cause lots of damage if not repaired in time.

In many cases, the repairs to our roof aren’t that major hence one can fix themselves, with the few tools you have in the house, however in case the damage is major or you are not certain you’ll manage to repair it be sure to consult the best roofers to do the repairs. They are all around you and are as many as the many roofing companies in Houston.

Repairs vary from a single shingle, to the flashing system and other times the entire roof.

How to repair a damaged shingle

  • Wear protective gloves and shoes that have good grip when going up the roof. Use a ladder that is secured to access the roof at the damaged area.
  • Assess the amount of damage cause to the shingle or shingles to determine whether new ones are required or the ones there can be fixed and still be secure. Examine them carefully to be sure they don’t cause any leakage to the roof as that could be much riskier if overlooked.
  • If they haven’t been much damaged repair the roof by fixing the broken shingles with adhesive and make sure they stick back in place.
  • If they are much damaged; loosen them adhesive holding them in place using a craw of a hammer then remove the nails holding them too. Do this slowly and carefully till all the shingles you would like to remove are out.
  • Get the necessary materials to repair; shingles and materials to hold them in place.
  • Put the shingles in place after removing the covering so as to reveal the backed adhesive for the shingles then nail them in place.
  • Seal the edges of the replaced shingles and also secure other loose shingles of your roof.

Identifying the source of leakage

Leaking roof if not repaired can cause a lot of damage. Be careful to repair one as soon as its times the leaking area may not be the origin of the leak hence careful attention has to be paid to ensure repair is done to the leaking part to avoid more damage.

Steps of identifying and repairing a leak

  • Pour water using a hose pipe on the roof, slowly and taking time so as to identify the exact area. It may not be possible to do it alone so seek someone’s help to be on the look out and tell you when the leak is seen.
  • On identifying the leak, assess the amount of damage so as to know the size to repair and to view the damage already caused so as to know the exact course of action to take. Some may warrant a whole roof repair.
  • The leak could be caused by a cracked shingle, a hole on the shingle or even spacing left between shingles. If the leak has caused significant damage, contact a Texas roofing company to get the best roofers’ repair your roof.
  • In case the damage is minor get the required items and do the repairs: adhesive to put the shingle in place in case the spacing can be fitted with it, alternatively you could cut a smaller piece of shingle and fit in place.


Instances when to consult a licensed roofer

  • When the leakage has significantly damaged the roof or flashing system such that it may require re-roofing the entire house or most of it.
  • There are so many leaks and at different places.
  • The leaks are significantly hard to trace the source.
  • The roofing system is beyond your capability or expertise.
  • The repairs previously made have no effect on the leaks