Is a Trade School for You? Which Trades Make Money.


If you would like to find a decent paying blue collar job there are an infinite amount of trades that you can take on. The only down side to trades are that you have to take months and sometimes years out of your life to learn them.But when you finally make it out you will make the money that you desire. The longer time a trade takes to learn usually equates to more money being made. My advice to anyone planning to get into a trade is that you should stay away from trades that everyone is doing. Find a sweet spot between supply and demand when it comes to students. You can do this by predicting what will be needed more by the time you graduate. If you prediction is correct you will come out of school in a high demand field.

roofing-school-programsRoofing Schools

If you would like to get into roofing there are several schools teaching the trade. The key here is to locate a roofing schools that takes the amount of time you are willing to give up in order to learn the roofing trade. Also take the time to ask current students and graduates of the school how they like the school. Did the graduates get a job immediately? Dis they like the school enough to recommend it to you? Usually the answers you get from them will dictate the decision you make in choosing your roofing school.

barber-school-programCosmetology Schools

These usually take up to 2 years to complete depending on the field you choose. For things like hair styling and barbering you can usually get through in about 9 months to a year. People who choose to get into this field usually have the desire to be sole proprietors and run their own salon rather than working for a barber shop or hair salon. Keep in mind when choosing to do this that this is a highly saturated field and in order to make money you have to hustle harder than the next barber. ┬áThere is a barber shop on every corner these days and it shouldn’t be much of an issue to find a job after you graduate.


electrician-apprenticeshipElectrician Apprenticeship Programs

To become an electrician you usually have to shadow a master technician to learn the ins and outs of the job. This program is usually the best type of way to learn as it provides real world experience. Sometimes the best learning you can receive can’t be achieved in a classroom. It requires real world experience to become the best.