Newtown Connecticut Elementary Shooting Is A Staged False Flag Against Gun Owners and Preppers

Photo Credit: Atlantic Wire

(Newtown, Ct) At least 27 people were murdered (including 18 children) at Newtown Elementary in Connecticut Friday during a staged false flag attack against our guns when multiple shooters were initially reported opening up fire in an elementary school resulting in one of the worst mass shootings in U.S. history.  This comes after a series of shooting rampages spreading across the country taking place in mostly white, suburban areas.  

Within minutes of the reported shooting CNN had a police officer on calling for neurological screening for firearm purchases.  Witnesses report at least 100 rounds were fired inside of the school from 2 gunmen.  One of the gunmen was reported killed and the other was arrested in the woods just outside of the school. The one shooter in custody was reported to have multiple weapons and body armour according to fox news. CNN reports the gunman looked directly at one of the parents while being escorted to a police car and said "I DID NOT DO IT".  

The dead shooter Adam Lanza (NOT Ryan Lanza) will no doubt be dubbed the lone shooter, will be framed with the 3 name mind control tag, and paraded on the news as the lone nut as the military psy ops land a direct hit on our second amendment.  Adam was reportedly Austistic and was probably under the influence of psychatropic drugs just like many other mass shooters.  There will no doubt be more shootings to frame gun owning americans as Fox News leaves us with the premonition stating "..unfortunately when these kindergarten shootings get started THERE WILL BE OTHERS".

We would like to say to the establishment that any gun control measures will be met with citizen resistance.


As it becomes clear that the main stream media is now ditching the 2 shooter story for the lone nut narrative, more questions come to mind.  One crucial question being how did the shooter enter the school if the doors are locked during classes, and they had recently implemented new safety measures.  Although no evidence of a suicide has been presented, the suggestion is there and it fits the usual MO.  Furthermore, it is being suggested that the shooting took place in 3 different places in the school supporting the possibility that there were indeed 2 shooters.

The Mayor of Danbury, Connecticut said:

"We're drilling all the time, practicing all the time for these events"

If the shooting was carried out under the guise of a training drill, it would explain how the shooter got easy access to the school.   

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